Tarot Card Reader Aditya Nair Reads Cards For Vijayendra And Vivian

In his latest tarot card reading session, the well known and renowned tarot card reader Aditya Nair checks cards for Vijayendra Kumeria and Vivian Dsena.

The well renowned tarot card reader Aditya Nair reads cards for Vijayendra and Vivian.

In a recent session, the ace and imminent celebrity tarot card reader Aditya Nair reads cards for Vijayendra and Vivian.

Opening up more on both the A lister TV star’s future and career graph,  tarot card reader Aditya Nair reads cards for Vijayendra and Vivian.

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Tarot readers can give good guidance and indicate the future. We asked Delhi based Tarot Card reader to check the Tarot of two A list artists of TV Vivian Dsena and Vijayendra Kumeria. Read on what he had to say.

For Vijayendra Kumeria, Aditya Nair said, “Like magic, opportunities to make money, invest or climb the career ladder will present. Meditation can help him put yourself in the correct alignment to manifest the perfect opportunities. Big opportunities lies ahead for him if he plays his cards right. November, December can be significant for him. To accept these abundant energies in career, he must really work on the emotional aspect of his life. To clear the blockages, Meditation will be the best thing for him. A new contract/project can be seen. He has good potential as a producer. Expect powerful shifts. old passions and desires coming back to life. This is a time to be on the lookout for opportunities that will take him to the next level of his career. He is at that stage of career where he needs to explore.  To sum up, explore new horizons and opportunities. You may have to work extra and balance things out but it is worth it”.

For Vivian Dsena, Aditya Nair revealed, “There is a new opportunity on the horizon as any current issue is coming to an end. Some karmic cycle is about to get over and will give everything you deserve. His cards are a good omen indicating success, prosperity, reward and achievement through hard work and professionalism. You will be reaching a point in your career where you can enjoy the status or level of success you have attained by the end of this year. New Projects can definitely be seen in August mid – September of this year. They will require him to make a brave move. It is the card of manifestation, so he should have the desire and commitment to pursue whatever it is he wants in your career, he’s likely to find success. This card also signifies charity and charitable donations, he must do it. Compared to this year, the year 2022, will be more abundant for him. Name, Fame, recognition can be seen. Things will be super fast. So be ready for it! The advice for him is that he needs to feel more connected to others and that he needs to think about how he can  shine so make sure that there is nothing that holds him back. He should follow his heart and stop taking his career opportunities, his success, name and fame for granted. He has suffered enough. He has to be flexible and do what he thinks and say he will meet deadlines. The sky will be the limit if he brings balance in his life”.

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