Aditya Ojha: I Am A Bit Downbeat About Namak Ishq Ka Going Off Air

Bhojpuri actor Aditya Ojha, who is currently seen in Namak Ishq Ka, says though he is saddened that his show is going off air, he will always value what he has learnt from it.

Aditya said, “It was an exceptional journey that I enjoyed and I learnt a lot from it. Yes, I am a bit downbeat about the show going off air, but this is how life goes on. The best things in life are yet to come. And I believe that.”

After working on some prominent Bhojpuri films, Aditya made his small screen debut with Namak Ishq Ka.

Talking about his future plans, the actor revealed, “I have got offers for television as well as Bhojpuri films. I will keep doing both. I have never hesitated to work in the Bhojpuri film industry because the content is more important for me. It has to be more of a family entertainer. For television, the character has to be more suitable and interesting for me, because once decided, we have to play it for a long time.”