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Aditya Khurana: Mohammad Nagaman Latif Has Been A Mentor For Me

In recent interview conversation elated with his film Rage going to Cannes, actor Aditya Khurana says Mohammad Nagaman Latif has been a mentor for me.

Currently being lauded for his remarkable performance in ace producer Mohammad Nagaman Latif’s film titled The Rage, in his latest interview, TV actor Aditya Khurana says Mohammad Nagaman Latif has been a mentor for me.

Praising the producer for always guiding him in right direction, TV actor Aditya Khurana says Mohammad Nagaman Latif has been a mentor for me.

In his latest interview conversation, TV actor Aditya Khurana says Mohammad Nagaman Latif has been a mentor for me.

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Aditya Khurana is on cloud nine. His film The Rage is travelling to Cannes Film Festival this year. The actor is hopeful that this would open avenues for him and speaking about the same, he said, “I’m playing the role of a self-made businessman in Dubai, who is the support system and backbone of his elder sister Roshni in the film. I had a wonderful time playing this character”.

The model actor also done the film, Love X Society, alongside Shivangi Joshi, Album song with Sara Khan and also did the Marathi song Krupa Rahu De with Arshi Khan. The film was shot in south Goa and is being produced by Mohammed Lateef Nagaman. Aditya shares his experience of shooting and also praises the producer and shedding more light on same, he said, “South Goa was way peaceful and an amazing place to visit and be in while shooting. It was beautiful and less crowded”.

Continuing on same, he said, “I’ve been associated with Mohammed Lateef since the last three years now. He’s the smartest person I’ve met. Working with him is always smooth. He is a beautiful person inside out”.

 He also enjoyed working with Roshni Kapoor, the leading lady in the film and opening up on same, he said, “It’s the first time I worked with Roshni Kapoor. She is a hard working girl. Her happy spirit and motivation towards her work gives out positive vibes”.

About the kind of roles that interest him, Aditya says, “I’m looking forward to playing roles where I can enhance and get a chance to live a new character every single time. I don’t want to get stereotyped and open to experiment. Characters that I’m able to connect with, and when I’m allowed to add a bit of my own, I want to play such a role as it helps me do better. Struggle is a part and parcel of life. And in this industry, things are no different. While I’ve faced a lot for the last seven years, I’m still facing it. I’ve failed 132 auditions till date but every failure has taught me something. Never lose hope and continue with the journey. One of the two best things about our industry is that it is a never-ending journey. The second is that in the industry you have a lot of options to explore”.

Being inspired by Shah Rukh Khan, he also added, “His expression, performance, choice of roles, I think no one can do it better than the way he does. He teaches that if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything”.

Aditya feels that having a mentor in life is necessary no matter what the profession is and spilling beans on same, he responded, “Just having the talent won’t help if you don’t know how to sell it. A mentor helps you shape your talent, tells you how to nourish and showcase the same. I’ve been struggling for years but there was no way I could get any chance. Then I met my mentor. Till today I look up to him, he helps me go high in my career. He is Mohammed Nagaman Lateef. He’s my teacher, my family. No matter how much I thank him it’ll never be enough”.

Talking about keeping cool amid the pandemic scenario, he adds, “It’s difficult but these times are teaching us a lot. I’ve been spending time at home taking the live interviews of celebrities on Instagram, learning cooking, working on my craft and reading”.

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