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Ace Tarot Reader Dr Neelam Talks About Future For These Celebs

Celebrity tarot card reader and astrologer Dr Neelam (Kaajal) talks about future for these celebs in her latest tarot card reading session.

With the successful embark of the new year after the odd ball 2020 that was for everyone, ace tarot card reader Dr Neelam talks about future for these celebs.

Dr Neelam is a renowned and well known celebrity tarot card reader and during her recent tarot card reading session, ace tarot reader Dr Neelam talks about future for these celebs.

From a big inheritance to a break in their careers, ace tarot reader Dr Neelam talks about future for these celebs.

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For globally loved Bollywood celebrity favorite fashion designer Manish Malhotra, Dr Neelam said, “The year starts with great unity and wholeness. It symbolises the moment when the inner and outer world self – others become a single entity. The cards indicate that you will have a desire to give back to the community in various ways. You will want to make the world a better place because you understand that everything is connected. Your career will expand, filling you with more spiritual, emotional and financial growth. The month of April shows unhappiness in your relationship corner and you could feel guilt, remorse or regret because of your past and that could impact on your emotional well-being. The month of July showcases that could have to undergo some problems that could make you lose your balance and face some personal trials. In the month of November, you could be caught up in a battle of two authoritative figures and you could have to make a choice of where you will have to take a side with one. Neither will seem particularly appealing which will make the decision more difficult. Overall, this is a great year for self-growth, glowing with a sense of wholeness, completion and achievements. Life will start to come in a full circle”.

For TV actor Vijay Pushkar, Dr Neelam asserted, “2021 starts with work, efforts and responsibilities. You will methodically work towards your goals. The cards suggest that you continue doing what you are doing, no need to change your approach. Good projects will come your way, bringing and taking you towards your goals. There will never be a dull moment. You will achieve a high position and respect. The cards indicate a boom in your career corner. In April, you could be entering a period of soul searching, self-reflection and spiritual development. You would feel like spending some time alone to gain a better understanding of yourself and others. Withdrawal or self-isolation can be witnessed. The month of August is capable of generating some negative perceptions. Some financial or project loss is seen because of which you could feel unsafe or your ego may be bruised and you might experience a humble blow to your self-esteem. But not to worry as you will recover soon. The months of November and December show a transition period. A bit of shock to the system but ultimately positive results will be showcased. In relationships too, you could be clinging to the past or a past pattern that no longer is serving you. Your health, in those two months, will need your attention as the change could disbalance your emotional and mental well-being”.

For newbie hunk TV star Zayn Ibad Khan, Dr Neelam said, “The cards indicate success, radiance and abundance. They show strength and tell you that no matter where you go or what you do, your energy will bring you happiness and joy. People will be drawn towards you. The month of March indicates good news and sudden interesting projects which showcase positive growth and rapid movements. You have the desire to rapidly grow in your career and universe will support you. Your advancement will be exciting and invigorating. Go forth with confidence that you will continue to surpass expectations. The month of June is a good time for love and relationships. By the end of the year, you will get a good social status, luxurious and financial independence. Approach this year in a sensible and practical manner. Set your goals and work towards it steadily. Female energies bring you a good support system and luck. The blessings of elders will help shower success on you. Your health will be wonderful. A well-balanced life results in good health. Believe in yourself, your instincts and abilities. Trust your wisdom and believe that you on the right path”.

For the A lister bollywood diva starlet Kareena Kapoor Khan, Dr Neelam says, “2021 brings more gifts, kindness, love and abundance. You could be getting all of these at the same time. The cards indicate a good support system. The future is bright. There could be a lot on your plate and it will be quite challenging to do the balancing act. The cards advise you to spend more time with your partner and see what he needs. The month of March indicates laziness and a resting period. The month of October sends a warning; don’t be tempted by getting rich by quick schemes as someone could take you for a ride. Old investments bring good rewards. Things are clearly going to be working out for you and you can build upon your success”.

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