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Abu Malik: Children Follow Their Parents Profession In Every Field

In his recent interview with us, renowned Bollywood music composer and former Bigg Boss 13 contestant Abu Malik got candid with us and touched upon the his journey, spoke about bonding with nephew Armaan and much more.

Best known as the Bollywood music composer for films like Nigahain (1983) from where he started off his career as a playback singer in B-town, he has also composed a song for Bollywood film American Blend (2006), Bad Luck Govind (2009) and so on. Last year in 2019, he participated in the most loved TV reality show Bigg Boss 13 where audiences loved his entertainment and masala factor in the show. During a recent interview, Abu Malik says children follow their parents profession in every field.

During his recent interview, whilst in a candid conversational chat with us, throwing more light on the insiders vs outsiders debate in Bollywood, Abu Malik says children follow their parents profession in every field.

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When asked what is his take on the insiders vs outsiders debate in Bollywood, Abu said, “I think there is nothing much to this as the children follow the profession of their parents in every field and in bollywood also. But, there are also a lot of entrants in Bollywood who are successful have come from outside but now, their children are working in the same field too. But still, there have been new entrants who are ruling the roost. So we can’t say that Bollywood is ruled by internal people only as there are lot of nice and talented singers who join in and become a part of the Bollywood music industry”.

Speaking more about his closeness with his mama Hasrat Jaipuri, Abu said, “I remember being the closest to my mama Hasrat Jaipuri the famous poet”.

When asked that what is the most cherishable memory closest to his heart, on this Abu answered, “I can’t say it is a memorable moment but there are two such memories where one is a happy memory, other is a sad memory. Happy one is when he wrote that song Aman Ka Farishta from the movie Aman (1967) and got 15,000 rs for writing the song as a lyricist. In those days, 15,000 rs was a very big thing with which you could buy a flat so he was very happy that moment and I used to really like talking to my mama Hasrat Jaipuri, who was very well renowned in Bollywood as a lyricist and poet”.

Throwing more emphasis on his sad memory Abu stated, “Some occasions are there but most of them are related to my father Sardar Malik who had very bad innings as far as success is concerned in the films. I still remember his pain and anguish which I can never forget in my life”.

When questioned that what does he feel about the evolution of Bollywood music from 1990’s till today, on this Abu told, “Music has changed a lot from 90’s till today as lot of music structures have changed and it is not entirely what it was in the 90’s as it is entirely different today which makes it so nice. I don’t see anything wrong in raps, discos, electronic changes and the extensive use of computers so I think that music is wonderful even today”.

Further, when we questioned him about his take on Bollywood singers in the 90’s versus singers today, on this Abu says, “All singers have done a great job. But I think that the old singers are brilliant because they recorded their songs in one take since there were no auto tuners and nothing of that sort in those days. Those singers were great. Imagine singing with a live orchestra and giving that music which rules our hearts even today. I can never forget Kishore Kumar, Rafi, Lata Ji, Asha Ji, Mukesh and Talat Mehmood as they all were great. I think that they all are incomparable”.

When asked about his bonding and rapport with his nephews Armaan and Amaal Malik and what is his reaction as both of them are rocking the Bollywood music scenario today, on this Abu asserted, “Armaan and Amaal Malik are wonderful. They are my nephews. I am greatly in touch with them. They are very nice, hardworking, and committed to their craft which is something very great since young people may have other things to do also but they are not that type as they both are very much busy with their work and I love them for it. They both are brilliantly taking their family’s name forward”.

When asked about his journey in Bollywood music, Abu quipped, “It’s been a great journey. But my journey has mainly been about music, live stages and it has been wonderful. Now I’ve started recording music so it is also giving a different look to my life which I feel is brilliant. I love my business”.

Further when questioned who in the current lot of singers would make it very big in Bollywood music, Abu shared, “In today’s current lot of singers who I feel would make it very big would be my nephew Armaan Malik since he has got a very nice voice texture and he loves his work where he is also making big waves in Hollywood as well. I feel he’ll make a great world for himself in the world of music”.

Abu concluded the interview by telling, “Ofcourse as nepotism is there, I am into nepotism as I believe that nepotism doesn’t mean that a person isn’t talented. I think that Armaan’s wonderful”.

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