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Abhishek Verma: I Like That Shobhit’s Character Is So Layered

In his latest interview off late, the dashing TV actor who is winning hearts of fans and audiences, Abhishek Verma says I like that Shobhit's character is so layered.

In his latest interview, TV actor Abhishek Verma says I like that Shobhit’s character is so layered.

Currently winning hearts by playing the multi layered character of Shobhit Rawal in Star Plus’s hit serial Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha produced by Amir and Sonali Jaffar, dapper TV hunk star Abhishek Verma says I like that Shobhit’s character is so layered.

Revelling in love of audiences and fans for his strong performance in the show, Abhishek Verma says I like that Shobhit’s character is so layered.

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Abhishek Verma recently met with a small accident while filming a death scene in Amir Jafar and Sonali Jafar’s Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha. The actor plays the role of Shobhit Rawal in the fiction and speaking about same, he said, “It was an intense scene that revolved around the news of the death of Shobhit’s ex-girlfriend Charmi (played by Kritika Singh Yadav). Sometimes in the flow we tend to forget that this is just a performance and not real life. That’s what happened and I got bruised. I am doing better now. I guess I also get clumsy at times”.

Shobhit’s character is very important to the story and has a lot of scope for performance, shares Abhishek. Shobit is the brother of Darsh, who is the lead character of the show played by Vijayendra Kumeria. It is because of Shobit’s rash driving that Darsh lost his eyesight, as per the plot.

Happy to have bagged the part, he says, “Shobhit is an amazing character to play. I love the layers he has and how they unfold unpredictably from time to time. One day you see him as the emotional family boy next day you see how he’s reacting when he’s hurt. Getting a character where you have the liberty to showcase so many different emotions, I think I got lucky”.

Speaking of working with Vijyendra, Abhishek adds, “He is a great guy. We bond pretty well on the set. We’ve even hung out a couple of times. I’m happy I have someone like him around in these chaotic schedules”.

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