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Abhinav Rubina’s Kiss Post His Mid Week Eviction Goes Viral

We saw the totally game changing mid week evictions in the TV reality show Bigg Boss 14 wherein Abhinav got evicted by the collective votes of connections and just few moments before he left, Abhinav Rubina's romantic kiss goes viral on social media.

This week was yet another shocking eviction wherein the connections who have entered the house to support their favorite contestants decided to collectively give their vote together resulting in the ouster of TV actor Abhinav Shukla from the popular TV reality show Bigg Boss 14 just 10 days before the much awaited grand finale. The most amazing scoop of the day here is that Abhinav Rubina’s kiss post his mid-week eviction goes viral.

Another heavily loved telly couple on social media in competition with #Jasly is #Rubinav and this news will make their fans feel bitter sweet wherein Abhinav Rubina’s kiss post his mid-week eviction goes viral.

This eviction was really shocking and surprising which made fans and audiences baffled as well but the cherry on top of this mellow news is that Abhinav Rubina’s kiss post his mid-week eviction goes viral.

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TV and real life couple Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik’s recent mushy and romantic lovey dovey moments with each other in the Bigg Boss house have left the netizens and fans drooling on their chemistry and love towards each other. In the recent episode of popular TV reality show Bigg Boss 14 airing on Colors TV and hosted by Salman Khan, which is inching towards its grand finale soon, we saw that in the unplanned mid-week eviction Abhinav Shukla has been eliminated from the house and few moments before leaving the house, Abhinav was seen giving his adieu and good bye to wife Rubina Dilaik in the most romantic and adorable way.

Since the time TV actor and one of strongest contenders Abhinav Shukla got eliminated from the house in this mid-week eviction from BB14, it has definitely raised many questions and eyebrows along with eliciting a strong reaction from former BB contestants Kamya Punjabi and Shefali Bagga who slammed the makers of the show and also cited Abhinav’s eviction as ‘bloody unfair’.

Post his eviction, just few moments before leaving the house and bidding an adieu to everyone, Abhinav and Rubina heavily indulged themselves in PDA where Abhinav and Rubina were seen locking lips with each other and also Abhinav gave a totally lovable romantic forehead kiss on her forehead. Just like his fans, even his wife believed about how Abhinav’s eviction was unfair and that he really deserved to be in the finale.

Kamya a while back slamming the show makers  wrote a tweet on her twitter handle which read, “Are u serious?????? They are deciding the faith of a contestant who has been in the house since day one maintaining his dignity n playing so well…. so bloody unfair #BB14 @ColorsTV @ashukla09 u are already a winner for me!”.

In another one of her tweets, Kamya wrote, “Agar @ashukla09 ka contribution kamm hota #jasmin toh tum evict nahi hoti woh hota (He would have been evicted instead of you, Jasmin, if Abhinav’s contribution was less)… same with you #JaanKumarSanu @ColorsTV #BB14”.

Also the show’s grand finale is going to take place the next week by February 20 or 21st.

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