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Abhinav Kohli: Shweta Tiwari Has Hit Me With Stick

In his recent explosive interview with a leading digital entertainment portal off late, separated husband Abhinav Kohli says Shweta Tiwari has hit me with stick.

From the year 2017, reports of Shweta Tiwari and Abhinav Kohli’s marriage hitting a rough patch made news and headlines and in 2019 a leading digital entertainment portal had brought to netizens all about big fight that ensued between Shweta and Abhinav where even the versatile TV star Shweta Tiwari ended up filing an FIR against him for harassing her daughter Palak Tiwari and now after seeing Shweta’s recent interview, breaking his silence, estranged husband Abhinav Kohli says Shweta Tiwari has hit me with a stick.

Totally dismissing her accusations of domestic violence in his most explosive interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, Abhinav Kohli says Shweta Tiwari has hit me with a stick.

Giving out his side of the story on what exactly went wrong with them both from 2017 till 2019, Abhinav Kohli says Shweta Tiwari has hit me with a stick.

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After he had gotten arrested, he got bail in that case and then Shweta opened up on how she had to face verbal abuse and Abhinav had been really vocal on social media saying his separated wife doesn’t let him meet his son Reyansh and now in this tell all interview, Abhinav spills on what exactly went kaput between both of them and why they haven’t actually filed for a divorce yet.

When asked about the first time when Shweta and him had an argument, Abhinav told, “It was in 2017 that because of her family member, we had a big argument. I don’t want to talk about what exactly happened between us and who the person was who was involved but after that scene, Shweta was not ready to listen to me and she separated me with my son Reyansh for three long months at that time. After those three months, things were sorted out between us and we got back again as husband and wife and were living a normal life till August 11, 2019”.

Further opening up on what exactly happened on 11th August 2019 leading for Shweta to file an FIR against him, Abhinav says, “We again had a fight which was unrelated to anything sexual as what was written in the FIR against me. It was a normal fight over a child between two parents which blew out of proportion. But the punishment that I was given for that was not as per the crime committed. And after that too, by keeping my son away isn’t she still punishing me? Even in our constitution it is written that you can’t punish a man for the same crime twice”.

Confessing about the real reason behind the ugly and nasty fight between him and Shweta, he shared, “On August 10, Palak had asked Shweta to kick me out of the house. And that was really disturbing for me. I was extremely hurt with her behaviour and felt offended also but I did not say anything to her on that day. Because when the atmosphere in the house is already a little hot, what we do is go quiet so that things don’t get dirty. So I was also very quiet till the next day when Shweta and I got into an argument over Reyansh asking for instant noodles. Reyansh wanted to eat that instant noodles and I asked the maid to make for him, to which Shweta said no he will not eat that. So, Shweta and I started arguing about it and in no time she started abusing in front of Reyansh. I was already very disturbed because of Palak’s statement from the previous day. And in that heat of the moment, an unlikely thing happened, after which they rushed to the nearby police station and put a case of sexual harassment on me. They got me arrested and I was there in the lockup for two days”.

Giving details on the case still being on and much more, Abhinav told, “Yes the case is on but I got my bail from the Borivali Court on August 13 in the sexual harassment case. In my bail order also it is mentioned that I am staying in the same house with them”.

Opening up on how he also went into the same house and stayed with Shweta and their child, Abhinav said, “Yes, I went to the same house and stayed with them. In fact, when I came out, this mother-daughter duo was normal with me again from September 25 which is the very next month. From that day I was again taking care of Reyansh. And things normalised to an extent that until April 2020 I was sleeping with them in the same room”.

Telling details about his reason of staying mum and now finally breaking his silence by opening up with his side of real story now in the interview, Abhinav said, “What is projected about me is contrary to what the reality is. That is why I had to finally come out and speak up. Otherwise when the FIR was filed against me, a lot of people reached out to me and asked my side of the story but I did not speak about it. I was definitely in a very bad state with whatever happened with me. But after September 25, when my child was with me, I was totally fine and started living a normal life again. However, when I saw Shweta in her media interviews, is saying that I was the cancer and the infection. That really hit me. Also, my friends told me that why are you not giving your side of the story when you are being accused of all this. That’s when I thought I was deceptive and being fooled. Is my image being used as a pedestal for somebody else to rise up”.

Finally telling the real story about what exactly went wrong between both him and Shweta, Abhinav shares, “I still don’t understand what exactly went wrong. Because of COVID-19, I was away from my child for two months and staying with my mother. When the Corona thing started last year in March, I was asymptomatic with COVID. So for the baby’s safety, Shweta and I decided to protect him from the virus. I should stay away from him. I also agreed and moved into my other flat where my mother resides. So, I had symptoms on May 14, 2020 when I went there she again obstructed me to get into the house. And when I tried to force myself into the house, she called the Police and I had to leave from there. I still have nothing against the Police because after May 2020, whatever NC’s she has done against me, the police have written out that this man is the married husband of Shweta Tiwari. He goes to that house because he wants to meet his child but she is not allowing him to meet the child because they had a verbal argument which is the fact”.

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