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Abhinav Kohli Calls It Torture After Shweta Tiwari Doesn’t Let Him Meet Reyansh

Yet again Shweta Tiwari is on headlines after her estranged husband Abhinav Kohli claimed that Mere Dad Ki Dulhan star is not letting him meet his son Reyansh and has taken him to an undisclosed location.

Now, Abhinav shared a video which he calls torture. In the video, Kohli can be seen standing outside Shweta’s home and banging the door. He can be heard calling his son repeatedly, he claims he just met Reyansh for few minutes and when he came back to meet him again no one is answering the door.

In another post, Abhinav shared a screenshot of a message which he sent to Shweta asking her why nobody responded when he came to meet Rayansh. The message reads, “I came nobody responded where is the baby. I called you why didn’t you pick up. Have you closed the baby in the room. Have you put him Jail. You just now made me meet him and now again vanished. Is he with you or you have asked to lock him inside. Why are you torturing the poor guy? You will ruin him like this.”

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