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Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Abhinav Disables Site Sharing Number Of Rubina And Other Celebs

Bigg Boss 14 fame TV star Abhinav Shukla showcasing his engineering side to world recently ended up disabling a website that illegally shared number of Rubina and other TV celebs.


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The recently concluded popular and controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss 14’s winner Rubina Dilaik and other TV celebs numbers along with contact details have been accessible and available on public platforms through a website and as soon as the hunk TV star got a whiff about this, Abhinav disables site sharing number of Rubina and other celebs.

As soon as the versatile TV star who also holds a degree in Electronic and Communications got a hint and information about this through their fans on social media, Abhinav disables site sharing number of Rubina and other celebs.

The dapper and suave television star who also participated in the TV reality show Bigg Boss 14, showcased the engineering side of his to the entire world wherein Abhinav disables site sharing number of Rubina and other celebs.

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Also having a degree in electronics and communications, the BB 14 fame TV star Abhinav Shukla ended up totally disabling the website with the help from his engineer friend after wife Rubina’s number and other celebrities contact details were openly being shared on their website.

Taking to his official twitter handle, the actor wrote a tweet and captioned it, “A website illegally sharing contacts of many prominent actresses has been disabled! All thx to my buddy engineer! Don’t mess with #engineers. And yeah welcome to all the thankyous coming my way!”.

In his recent interview byte to a leading digital entertainment website who reached out to him after this huge feat, Abhinav was quoted saying, “A website had shared contact details of many actresses including Rubina’s owing to which she was getting random messages and calls from across the globe. I took help from my fellow engineer collegemate to report it or get it removed. I discussed it with him and he took 3 days to get that page disabled. Today, the site was disabled. There were some 100 contact nos on it”.

Abhinav furthermore adding about how even if this will not help, then furthermore he would be immediately reporting it to the cybercrime cell asserted, “Now, if that guy tries to do it again, I will report it to cyber crime. Controlling such things is not in our control, but I know how to put technology to a good use”.

Finally thanking all his fans heartily who brought this into light, Abhinav told, “Some fans pointed out that a particular website has contact details of almost all prominent actresses including Rubina’s. We have got some awesome fans”.

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