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Abhinav Compares 15 Day Curfew To Ordering Cheeseburger On Twitter

Bigg Boss 14 fame TV actor Abhinav Shukla who is also known for his terrific sense of humour, compares 15 day curfew to ordering cheeseburger on Twitter.

As Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray announced a 15 day lockdown in Maharashtra inorder to stop and curb spread of COVID 19, Bigg Boss 14 fame TV star Abhinav compares 15 day curfew to ordering cheeseburger on twitter.

Last seen in Colors TV’s serial Silsila Badalte Rishto Ka (2018 – 2019), known for his sense of humour and acting chops as well, Abhinav compares 15 day curfew to ordering cheeseburger on twitter.

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To stop the unending death rate and curve of COVID 19 in our state Maharashtra, CM Uddhav Thackeray has officially announced a total 15 days curfew in the state and whilst this is not that much stringent and strict like previous lockdowns which were imposed last year, but quite few things have been restricted and also put on a hold as well. As soon as the CM made this official announcement in last evening, many people took to their social media handles for openly sharing their views on these new restrictions imposed. Among all those people, even BB14 fame TV star Abhinav compares 15 day curfew to ordering cheeseburger on twitter.

Taking to his official twitter handle a few hours back, Abhinav Shukla has on a lighter and comical note compared this situation to people ordering a cheeseburger without cheese.

Abhinav Shukla who is one of the very active social media users ever since the controversial reality show ended taking to his twitter account, composed a tweet that read, “So this lockdown is like “hey i want a cheese burger without cheese” #lockdown but #nolockdown”.

Source: Abhinav Shukla Twitter. He wrote this tweet on comical note comparing 15 day curfew to cheeseburger.

Many people after this tweet within a span of just few hours itself, were seen laughing hard on this tweet whilst some section of netizens were even agreeing to it.

Meanwhile, with this curfew, even shooting of films, TV serials and ads have come to a halt and pause and regarding the same issue now, FWICE’s BN Tiwari in his quote to a leading indian digital wire agency told, “We should have been allowed to work. Films and TV shoots were underway with complete precautions, adhering to all government guidelines. But the complete halt of shootings is a setback. We plan to write a letter to the CM, requesting him to allow us to shoot. We would take utmost precaution, figure out new, stricter guidelines but if the work is stopped, it’ll be a huge loss for us”.

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