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Aashay Mishra: If You Have Dreams, Then You Should Be Ready For Struggles Too

Story 9 Months Ki is an endearing narrative about ‘choice motherhood’ through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) on the small screen where the protagonist of the show Alia Shroff played by Sukirti Kandpal ‘chooses’ to become a mother without a partner, opting to embrace motherhood on her own terms. While she is on the look out of a donor, Sarangdhar an aspiring writer who has run away from Mathura to come to Mumbai in order to fulfil his dreams and start his career at the age of 30 against his father’s will, gets hired in Alia’s company. How their worlds collide makes for a beautiful story.

Aashay Mishra, who is known for his free-spirited nature and fresh talent, is seen portraying Sarangdhar Pandey opposite Alia Shroff In the show.

Speaking about his character, Aashay shares, “Sarangdhar went against his family and chose to pursue his dreams. However, in order to make your dreams a reality, you should be ready to for struggles as well. Similarly, my character Sarangdhar comes to Mumbai to achieve his dream to become a writer. His father wanted him to join his business, but he refutes. He is an optimist and ready to go through the struggles to make a name for himself in Mumbai.”

Aashay further adds, “Unless we have a vision in place, we can’t take desired actions to achieve them. Acting is something I always wanted to pursue and bagging the role of Sarangdhar in Story 9 Months Ki is also a dream turned reality for me. Dreams do come true for those who believe in it.”

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