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4 Shocking Breakups This Valentine’s Season

Relationships are complex in the Bollywood and Television industry. You will notice these celebs in a relationship today and tomorrow the news is of their break up that leaves you stunned at the other point. Likewise with singer Neha Kakkar happened when she breaks up with actor Himansh Kohli happened. Here we have major 4 breakups this Valentine season. Read more

The season of love and full of emotions Valentine’s Day has unexpectedly seen some major couple splitting. Here we have 4 shocking break ups just before valentines week for couples’ started. Instead of celebrating these TV celebs were fixing their relationship, unfortunately, they have to part ways and move on.

Sana Khan who is an ex-big boss contestant for season… is in headlines for her break up with choreographer boyfriend Melvin Louis. The actress is been always vocal about her feelings and this time also she didn’t hold back and confront the media about her break up with Melvin.

She said to a daily publication “I broke up with Melvin because he was cheating on me. I had loved him with all my heart and was committed to him. What I got in return has disturbed and shaken me. I have developed anxiety issues and am dealing with depression ever since. A few days ago, I felt that he was up to something. Since I had my doubts, I took his mobile phone, which he snatched back from me and started deleting messages. That’s when I realized that whatever people told me about him was true, and I ended the relationship. I have come to know that he has already moved on with somebody else. I know who the girl is, but it’s not right on my part to reveal her name.”

Sana has deleted all the pictures with ex Melvin Louis on that were famous for their PDA on social media. Their break up has brought the breakup of ex-couple Sana Khan and Melvin Louis was brought to the limelight by the actress as a way to respond to Melvin’s latest cryptic post where he is seen wearing a T-shirt that says ‘ Bulati Hain Magar Jaane Ka Nahi. ‘to which Sana had reply Jo ladke status daal rahe hai bulati hai magar jaane ka nahi, ye hai ki jaane ka hai par koi bulati nahi ‘ unko bata du ki sacchai. She put out a disclaimer in her caption saying that the post is’ strictly for delusional ones’ Chillata hai magar darne ka nahin… 50% truth will soon prevail. Meanwhile, she was lauded by Sana’s fans for the killer response.

Shweta Tiwari and Abhinav Kohli

Shweta Tiwari declared separation from husband Abhinav Kohli and accused him of domestic violence, it was shocking news for everyone, more so because the actor faced a similar situation with first husband, Raja Chaudhary, in 2007. And while struggling with the crisis, Shweta was also being subjected to a lot of negative press, as many again criticized her for having a troubled marriage.

The actress says when it’s about her kids she will not entertain any wrong deeds. She claims she went through domestic violence and social pressure which she has decided to not take it anymore and set an example for other such women going through the same problem.

Shweta Tiwari’s daughter Palak Tiwari wrote an open letter explaining the situation. Palak in her letter thanked all those who reached out to extend their support to the family. He also cleared the air by saying the media don’t report the correct information and believe her mother is a victim of domestic abuse. She chose to throw some light on the exact circumstances by writing an open letter.

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