Saturday, September 26, 2020

    Sushant Singh Rajput Was Designing A Game Using Artificial Intelligence


    Sushant Singh Rajput wasn’t just a talented actor but a curious mind too. He was keen in astrophysics and quantum physics. He owned land on the moon and even wanted to go to the moon in NASA’s mission 2024. But do you know that he was also designing a game using artificial intelligence? In April this year, he had shared a picture of his notes and wrote in the caption, “I love computer gaming and always wanted to learn the language behind it. So last few weeks I’ve been trying to learn coding and it has been an extremely exciting process to say the least and yet I’m just scratching the surface.” After Sushant’s death, a producer friend of him told a news portal that he was planning to design a game with his business partner using artificial intelligence. He told, “In the last few months, Sushant was extremely involved with the whole coding bit and he was a quick learner and had an extremely sharp bent of mind towards science and technology. He had discussed the whole idea with his partner and the game was expected to be ready by design around end of this year.” Sushant was found dead in his apartment on June 14. His death has left the entire nation in grief.

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