Sushant Singh Rajput Wanted To Do Theatre & Revive Laila Majnu?

Filmmaker Rumi Jaffery has revealed that Sushant Singh Rajput wanted to do theatre and revive Laila Majnu. Read below to know more.

The untimely demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has raised many eyebrows and has also led to a heated debate on social media about nepotism and favoritism. The Chhichhore actor passed away on June 14, 2020, because of suicide. His dead body was found at his residence in Mumbai and since then the police have been conducting the investigation in full swing.

As everyone knows that Sushant Singh Rajput never missed an opportunity to expand his horizon as an actor and human being. He was not only interested in working in Bollywood movies but also had the desire to explore the theatre field.

Confirming the same, filmmaker Rumi Jaffery who himself is a theatre buff said that Sushant and he were in serious discussions about doing a stage play in the near future with Annu Kapoor as the late actor’s co-star.

Rumi said, “Sushant was constantly exploring new areas as a performer. The acting was all that he was keen on he wanted to make that transition from cinema to theatre. And we had discussed what he wanted to do on stage.”

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Apparently Sushant was interested in Rumi’s old stage play featuring Anu Kapoor. Jeffery said, “He wanted to revive Laila Majnu, a play that I had done for Parsi theatre with Annu Kapoor in 1988-89. Parsi theatre intrigued Sushant. In Laila Majnu all the dialogues were spoken in rhymed couplets. Sushant enjoyed that. He wanted to be part of that play.”

Rumi further mentioned that he had spoken to Anu Kapoor regarding the same and the updated version of Laila Majnu was on the cards.

Rumi concluded by saying that he and Sushant sat alongside Anu Kapoor and discussed the revival of the old play. During the discussion, the 34-year old was beaming with ideas and his eyes had stars shining in them.

Sushant’s sudden exit from the world has left the whole nation grieving for the loss. And surely, Sushant’s absence will be felt in the entertainment industry.

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