Sushant Singh Rajput Row: The Late Actor’s Family Issues 9-Page Statement Refuting All The Allegations Made On Them

Sushant Singh Rajput’s family has released a 9-page statement bashing all the allegations against the family. Read below to know more.

The sudden demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput sent shockwaves across the nation and everyone grieved the loss. The 34-year-old actor died of suicide on June 14, 2020, and since then there have been many shocking revelations in his case.

The latest update in SSR’s case is that the late actor’s family has issued a 9-page statement as a counter-attack to the slander campaign that is going on against them. In the release statement, Sushant’s family members have claimed that people are attacking them with false allegations and are trying to defame them.

They started the statement with a couple by Firaaq Jalalpuri, “Tu idhar-udhar ki naa baat kar, Ye bata ki kafila kyun luta. Mujhe rehjano se gila nahi, teri rehbari ka sawaal hai.”

The statement further read that a few years no one knew Sushant Singh Rajput or his family and now the entire country is worried. His family also mentioned that they are being attacked from all sides.

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The statement also mentions about how the late actor’s family moved from a small town in Bihar to the city in the 90s. The statement mentions that every member of the family is raised like any other kid in a normal household. The statements also depict a picture of how even while busy earning for the family, Sushant’s parents always supported their kids to dream big and achieve them.

Talking about Sushant Singh Rajput’s mother’s death the statement of the family reads that it was a major blow Post the incident Sushant decided to become an actor and what followed after 8-10 years of that should never happen to anyone.

In the statement, they also alleged that Sushant’s case is not of suicide but murder. They also reportedly accused Mumbai Police of their carelessness as they had informed the department about something suspicious four months before the Chhichhore actor’s death.

The statement claimed that Sushant’s father K.K Singh and his sisters are being threatened and people are trying to assassinate their relationship with the late actor. The note concluded b saying that people who are creating and watching this scene should understand that such an incident can happen to them as well.