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Sunny Hindustani Makes Big Revelation About Aditya Narayan-Neha Kakkar’s Wedding

Indian Idol 11 winner Sunny Hindustani makes an interesting revelation about Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan's wedding.

Indian Idol 11 winner Sunny Hindustani has made a huge revelation about Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan’s wedding that was rumored to take place this Valentine’s day. Speaking to an entertainment portal, Sunny said, “We were very excited about their wedding. We had even bought clothes for the wedding. We had even taken out a baraat wedding procession without knowing whether they will get married or the girl will accept the proposal or not. Finally, Neha di did not accept the wedding proposal and their wedding did not take place.”

Aditya Narayan and Neha Kakkar’s little publicity stunt of boost the show’s TRP was stretched too far that people actually believed them. And with their parents coming on the show, and giving a nod for the wedding, it all seemed pretty real. But fans were disappointed to later find out that it was all a publicity stunt. 

And now, when the show is over, Aditya Narayan’s father Udit Narayan actually wants them to get married. In a recent interview, Udit said, “You won’t believe I keep teasing Aditya with Neha and I have told him to marry her. But, he ignores me and says he wants to focus on his career. Neha is a top singer in today’s time and is doing really well for herself.”

Previously Udit was the one who had revealed to the media and fans that the news of their wedding was fake. 

Neha Kakkar herself confirmed by writing on social media, “I’m happily Single. Aadi just keep asking me on the screen to get married and I keep saying No to him, Never said Yes. Rest is all to Entertain the world. I feel lucky that I’m capable enough to entertain people and give them Happiness with my music and appearances.”

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