Wednesday, September 30, 2020

    Shweta Tiwari Says Slapping Varun Badola In Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Was Heartbreaking


    Shweta Tiwari and Varun Badola’s slice of life show Mere Dad Ki Dulhan has been receiving great responses for its fresh storyline and top-notch performance. The chemistry between Guneet Sikka and Amber Sharma is keeping audiences hooked to the show. However, in the upcoming episode, we’ll see an argument between the two, due to which Guneet will be seen slapping Amber, what makes her take the hard step will be revealed in the coming episodes. Talking about the scene, Shweta was not convinced that it’ll come out properly as she found it challenging, she said, “I am a very calm person and when I came to know that Guneet has to slap Amber, I was not convinced about it as I thought I won’t be able to give the perfect shot. When I started doing this scene, I was still not sure that I will be able to do it… but it just happened. I never thought that Guneet as a character could ever slap someone. And when we shot for it, Varun and I were as shocked as everybody else that Guneet could do this and that it was possible.” The producer of the show Diya convinced her to give a try and promised that the scene didn’t come out perfect they’ll remove it from the episodes, but it came out nicely and even Varun gave the exact reaction which was needed at that moment. Shweta further added that “Honestly, my left hand was paining for quite a few days and it’s the very same hand I slapped him with. If you ask me, being in pain, I couldn’t slap Varun properly, but he took over with his reaction and we nailed the scene.”

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