Sex Education Actor Asa Butterfield Says He Could Not Have Played The Role Of “Spider-Man” As Good As Tom Holland

Asa Butterfield was one of the leading contenders for Spider-Man 's role before Holland got selected for the role. The star of Sex Education opened up to lose the role.

Asa Butterfield had been among the front-runners for the role before Tom Holland bagged the role for Spider-Man. The actor eventually lost his role but now the actor shot to fame though Sex Education.

Tom debuted as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War (2016) and became a synonym for Spider-Man while Asa remained tight-lipped about the role being lost. But the actor has now opened up about the loss, saying Tom did a good job in attempting out the role.

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Speaking to Collider, Asa confessed that he could not have played spider as good as Tom.”Tom did amazing things with Peter and he had an entirely different portrayal of him and I think it’s worked so well in the universe and in that part, and I don’t think I could do it. So I think all things work out in the end,”

Speaking about the consequences of losing the role, Asa said,”Every so often there’s a part [that you really want] and it’s a script you love, and you kind of put your heart and soul into it, and you don’t get it. And it is tough and it is shit, but I often find that something even better comes out of it at the end. And so in the case of Spider-Man, I did Sex Ed, because I wouldn’t have been able to do both of those at the same time.”

He added the rejection had helped him learn some valuable lessons.“I think as an actor and going out for roles, there’s only so much you can do and everyone’s gonna have a different take on a part and look at a character in different ways, have a different sort of performance, and you kind of have to stick with what you think. And if that isn’t necessary in line with what the director and the producers want, then it’s like, there’s nothing you can do about that,” he said.

“You might just not be the right person, and that’s out of your hands. And that’s something I’ve learned, something that I think is great to help me kind of get over it,” Asa added.