Sadak 2: Song Track Ishq Kamal From The Movie Is A Copy Of 2011’s Track Rabba Ho By Shezan Saleem?

It's no longer secret that many songs were slightly modified or copied directly by Bollywood music directors, songs that originally belonged to Pakistani or Hollywood artists. Now Shezan Saleem mentions that his 2011 album, Rabba Ho, has a very identical tune to that of Sadak 2.Read on below.

Long before the World Wide Web existed, but there wasn’t Copyright Act enforced and thereby content “creators” around the globe had the freedom to simply “lift” the viral stuff on the internet without fear of being called out on social media by their fans and followers.

In reality, without giving any credit whatsoever, people have made heavy profits from it time and again. It goes without saying that our Bollywood, has had a long and evident history of plagiarism sometimes giving it a name of inspired content and sometimes in the form remake.

One such singer-Shezan Saleem aka JO-G recently shared a post on his Twitter account saying that the tune of Sadak 2 song ‘Ishq Kamal’ is very similar to that of a piece he had created back in 2011.

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In his post, Shezan Saleem aka JO-G says, “What do we do about this. Copied from a song that I produced in Pakistan and launched in 2011. Let’s talk guys.” 

The upcoming film Sadak 2 will be released on an OTT platform also the trailer released yesterday. There’s this soulful track playing in the background with a romantic sequence after actors Alia Bhatt and Aditya Roy Kapur meet.

Now, Shezan Saleem mentions in his tweet that his 2011 album, Rabba Ho, has a very similar tune to the track Ishq Kamal of Sadak 2 and he wants to bring this similarity to the notice of everyone. The much-awaited trailer of the film has been released by the producers.

Meanwhile talking about the trailer of Sadak 2, starring Sanjay Dutt and Alia Bhatt, it was released on Wednesday morning and received a million ‘dislikes’ on YouTube late in the afternoon.

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A big banner movie’s trailer, especially one packed with star-studded names, usually gets a lot more likes than it does dislike; this has been reversed for Sadak 2. There were 1,8 million dislikes on YouTube, versus 1,18,000 likes. The Internet, it seems, does well with its announced intention to boycott Sadak 2.

Sadak 2 is a sequel to Sadak’s hit in 1991, also directed by Mahesh Bhatt and starring Pooja Bhatt and Sanjay Dutt, his father. One day before the trailer released, Sanjay Dutt, who reprises his role as a driver named Ravi in the upcoming movie announced he was taking a medical treatment break.