Rebel Wilson Spills The Beans On Her Weight Loss Journey

Rebel Wilson opens up about her weight loss journey over the past six months. Wilson says that she is still in the dirt doing sit-ups and push-ups. Read below to know more.

Hollywood actress Rebel Wilson has been nothing short of inspiration with her overall weight loss journey in the past six months. The 40-year old actress has been showcasing her changing figure after hours of dedicated workout sessions. And now, she has spilled the beans on some of her workout secrets.

Rebel said, “Obviously a lot of the TV shows and movies got shut down, so what I was going to do has been delayed so I’m just getting ripped. I’m exercising every day. You’ve gotta get on the bandwagon of getting ripped.”

She further added that she was actually doing all this stuff outdoors like running up and down the Sydney Opera House stairs.

Rebel then mentioned that she will get down to filth to work up a sweat. The Aussie actress also added then she is in the dirt doing her sit-ups and push-ups.

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Reportedly, Rebel has lost 18 kilos since the year beginning and she surely has inspired many.

In a previous interaction, Rebel Wilson had candidly spoken about her struggle being an emotional eater and how it helped her stick hard to a fitness plan. She also revealed that this has been her best year yet ever health-wise.

Rebel also said that quarantine time had been tough for her as she tends to eat when stressed. However, she kept focused on her workout routine to avoid falling back into old habits.

The actress also kept listening to podcasts about mental health and everything to keep her mind occupied.