Ranvir Shorey Once Again Takes A Dig At Bollywood’s Lobbying Culture

Ranvir Shorey has called out the lobbying culture in Bollywood once again. He called them ‘mutually beneficial alliance’ and mentioned how young producers have also become a part of it. Read below to know more.

Following the sudden demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, there have many heated debates about nepotism and the existence of powerful gangs in the Bollywood. Many actors have come forward to question the hypocrisy and favoritism in the industry. In fact, many Bollywood actors have even shared their tribulations as they too became a victim to it all.

Among many actors who raised their voice, Ranvir Shorey was also among them. The Sonchiriya actor has been very vocal about the type of experience he has in Bollywood. A couple of days back, Ranvir took to her Twitter handle to call out the ‘Bollywood Funkies’. His candid tweets left many celebs in the industry baffled.

Ranvir Shorey even got involved in a verbal spat with filmmaker Anurag Kashyap because of the tweets. The filmmaker even quizzed the actor whether he meant what he said. The banter between them went on for a while giving a new twist to the on-going nepotism debate.

Meanwhile, Ranvir Shorey has once again blurted out his heart on the never-ending debate. The 47-year old actor is now speaking of the gang in Bollywood. He even called them ‘mutually beneficial alliance’ and even pointed out that the young producers are an active part of it too.

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Ranvir’s tweet read, “The Gang” is essentially a mutually beneficial alliance of a few powerful, corrupt, crafty old men, and a few second-generation younger producers who have inherited film empires. Their objective is to have control over the top of the pyramid and have pliable stars. #Bollywood.”

Apart from that Ranvir came out in open and confessed to being a victim of the same. “I’ve had a run-in with one of them 15 years ago. This is the man who fancies himself as the holy-moly Dronacharya of the gang, except when it comes to covering up the indiscretions and crimes of his own offsprings. A product of a damaged mind and faux spirituality”, another tweet of Shorey read.

The actor concluded the series of cryptic tweets by writing, “The modus operandi is that when you’re vulnerable, like the death or loss of a close one, you’re professionally & socially ostracised by spreading lies and rumours, through the media, as well as the grapevine, leaving you disoriented and hopeless with a sense of doom.”

Well, the tweets have left netizens startled and guessing that about whom is Ranvir Shorey is really speaking about.