Pirates Of The Caribbean Star Johnny Depp’s Ex-Security Guard Says He Acts Like Jack Sparrow In Real Life Too

Johnny Depp 's former security guard says that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star doesn't break character — acting in his daily life-like “pretty much Jack Sparrow” according to a report. Continue reading below...

Security guard Rick Wood said the 57-year-old star Johnny Depp was “awesome” and “laid-back” while working at Australia ‘s home for his and then-wife Amber Heard, when the franchise was filmed in 2015, 9News reported.

“He stays in character so he’s pretty much Jack Sparrow — great bloke,”  Woods told the publication.

Wood said there was never any suggestion that Depp physically assaulted his newlywed bride — despite being later branded a “wife-beater” in an article in 2018 that is now at the forefront of the libel case against Depp.

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“I couldn’t see it in him and in my industry, you know who’s a wife-beater and who’s not,”  Wood reported to the outlet.  

Despite Depp’s praise and admiration, the security guard said Heard, 34, was known to “stir the pot” and for her “look at me” antics.

“She made up this big drama she was leaving, taxis would turn up, we would have to wave them away and then we would pick up the suitcase and there was nothing in the suitcase at all,” Wood went on adding “all for show.”

The couple, who divorced in 2017, made shocking claims during the tri-week libel case in London court about their turbulent marriage.

Although Heard is not on trial, she testified that in their relationship he was physically and verbally violent, as well as “extremely controlling and intimidating.”

Depp has consistently refuted all reports of violence, maintaining that he believed that “it was she who was violent.”