Vishal Pandey’s Parents Urge Makers To EVICT Armaan Malik For Slapping Their Son

After Armaan Malik slapped Vishal Pandey, the latter's parents shared a video condoning the act of violence and demanding Malik's removal from the show.

Bigg Boss OTT 3 stirred controversy as Armaan Malik and Vishal Pandey sparked a divisive reaction online. Malik slapped Pandey after he complimented Malik’s second wife, Kritika Malik. Later, a viral video surfaced showing Vishal and Luv Kataria making inappropriate remarks about Kritika’s gym attire. Payal Malik and Anil Kapoor criticized Vishal for his behavior. Now, Vishal’s parents have released a statement addressing the situation.

In a viral video, Vishal Pandey’s parents appealed to Bigg Boss to evict the person who raised a hand against their son, stating they never raised a hand on him and did not expect such behavior when sending him to the show.

They expressed their distress, stating they could not tolerate the situation. They clarified that Vishal’s personality is genuine and criticized the portrayal of him having multiple personas based on recent episodes.

They defended Vishal against allegations regarding Kritika, stating that praising someone should not be considered wrong. They emphasized that Vishal’s nature does not align with the accusations and pointed out instances where he complimented Kritika. They asserted that praising someone, in their view, is not inappropriate.

They pleaded with folded hands to Bigg Boss and the makers to remove the person who slapped their son, stating that their family does not condone such behavior. They emphasized that their son has achieved success through hard work.

For the unversed, after Armaan Malik slapped Vishal Pandey, as a punishment he was eliminated for the whole season of the show, instead of getting evicted for using violence, which is one of the major rules inside the house.

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