TVF Tripling 3: Amol Parashar Spilled Beans On His Character Chitvan

The audience is eagerly waiting to experience the fun trip in Tripling season 3, Amol Prashar spoke about his character Chitvan

Popular web show Tripling is returning with its more adventurous new season. Crazy siblings Chandan, Chitvan, and Chanchal will reunite for their yet another road trip. The teaser of the much-anticipated series was released recently followed by a trailer release on Friday. TVF Tripling 3 will be unique from the previous two seasons and brings in surprise for audience. 

The third chapter of Tripling will take the audience on a family trek instead of the three siblings’ road trip that was shown in the earlier two seasons. Chandan played by Summet Vyas plans to go back home to his parents, his two siblings Chitvan (Amol Parashar) and Chanchal (Maanvi Gagroo) agree to join him. Chitvan drives his siblings through the road on a scooter. The trio plans to go on a family trek once they reach home.

While Chandan plans to go back home to parents, his other two siblings readily agree. Chitvan then decides to ride on a scooter to drive through the cold. Once they reach home, the trio then finalise to go on a family trek. The audience is certainly awaiting to know more about their trip and fun times together.

As the audience is eagerly waiting to experience the fun trip in the third season, Amol Prashar spilled beans about his character Chitvan. In an interview with Outlook India, he said, “I have always received special love for this character in both seasons, and I feel gratitude towards the makers and the audience for that. Playing this character is always exciting for me, and it must be for the writers as well because there are always high expectations. Chitvan is so unpredictable that everyone wants to be surprised and tickled by his choices.”

He went on to say: “In the new season, I think the show takes a mature turn and deals more with the interpersonal relationships within the family than the adventures of travelling. In this light, Chitvan’s character becomes even more interesting for me as an actor, because we see the character dealing with complex emotions for the first time. I think the audience is in for a surprise again, with Chitvan, and the show.”

Sumeet Vyas continues to write the screenplay for Tripling season 3 and it is directed by Neeraj Udhwani. TVF Tripling 3 will stream on Zee 5 on the 21st of October. 

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