Top 5 Banned Anime And Where To Watch Them

Anime has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment with a wide range to choose from, there are certain animes that got banned due to their over-the-top content.

Anime has become one of the recognized forms of entertainment all over the world, with its unique storytelling and a plethora of genres to choose from it has captured the attention of people from every background irrespective of their age. Sometimes certain anime push the boundaries and go overboard in presenting their storyline. It can be wild, show blood and gore or even touch some sensitive topics that might not be appreciated by certain groups.

This is the main reason that almost every anime is screened before its release. Some anime’s become the target of protests, complaints, or a ban from the government because of their content. There are a lot of anime that got banned in different countries, scroll down to find out.

1. Attack on Titan

When Attack on Titan was released first on 7th April 2013, it quickly became a fan-favorite with its amazing storyline and fight scene. While it quickly captivated its audience, it also got banned in China, due to its horrifying visuals and violent fights it was considered too brutal for the young audience and was completely banned in 2015 before the release of 2nd season.

Banned Country- China

IMDb rating-  9

Where to Watch- Netflix, Hulu

2. Kodomo No Jikan

Kodomo No Jikan first released on 12th October 2007 follows the story of a third grader Rin Kokone who tries to woo her teacher Reji. This anime was banned in the USA, and after months of controversies the license of the show was canceled.

Banned Country- USA

IMDb rating-  6.8

Where to Watch- PlayPilot, TheTVDB

3. Death Note

Released on 4th October 2006, the anime shows the story of a high school student who finds a book from the underworld dropped by Shinigami. 

Death Note is another example of anime that got banned in China, some other countries like Russia, and Mexico also banned it, as per the governments the anime was negatively impacting young students’ minds.

Banned Country-  China, Russia, Mexico

IMDb rating-  9

Where to Watch-  Crunchyroll, Netflix

4. Parasyte

Parasyte, released on 9th October 2014, follows the story of a young teenager Shinichi Izumi who gets infected by a man-eating parasite, now he must learn to coexist with the parasite to save his life. The anime got banned in New Zealand due to its explicit content.

Banned Country-  New Zealand

IMDb rating-  8.3

Where to Watch-  Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu

5. Pokemon

Pokemon was first released in February 1996, the anime follows the story of a boy named Ash Ketchum and his journey to becoming a Pokemon Master. While the anime became one of the most popular shows and has been running for more than 2 decades, it was banned in Saudi Arabia for having elements of gambling and Jewish sentiments.

Banned Country-  Saudi Arabia

 IMDb rating-  7.5

Where to Watch-  Amazon Prime, Netflix

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