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Artist Or A Con? – Shahid Kapoor’s Farzi To Release On OTT Soon

Farzi brings out the unexplored version of actor Shahid into a full-length series on OTT.

OTT has become a popular choice to see a movie or series in their comfort zone. Many actors and actresses movies have been switched to OTT to reach the masses faster than in Theatres as people are still sceptical to go to cinema halls to watch a good movie. 

Shahid Kapoor is also about to debut soon on OTT with his new project Farzi. In the announcement of the series, Shahid is seen painting on canvas and saying that will people accept him in this new way and later says Artist Toh Artist Hota Hai Na!!

If we observe we might see that Shahid Kapoor’s Baadmash Company was of a similar genre. Farzi, directed by Raj and DK, stars Shahid and Vijay Sethupathi as police officers. As per sources, the synopsis reads: “A small-time artist working in his grandfather’s printing shop has devised the latest scam, a crime particularly suited to him, and finds himself drawn into the murky, high-stakes world that Demands everything. A demand and an unorthodox task force commander set out to rid the land of the threat it poses in this fast-paced, innovative, and unique thriller.

Shahid also shared his eagerness to work on OTT and said that the decision for OTT was to break the trend, do something different, and challenge the actor. He has been doing this for almost 20 years now and felt the need to be challenged and excited… in a broader perspective.

He was curious to see how he could build a character in eight or nine episodes in the first season. “We’ll see what happens after that. But that’s very different from playing a character that takes two hours and practically in one sitting. All of these things are exciting. I had a lot of fun”- the actor said.

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