Mirzapur 3 Release Date REVEALED! But There’s A Catch

Amazon Prime Video announced the release date of "Mirzapur 3" but the fans will have to "find out" the date themselves.

Mirzapur season 3 stands as one of the most anticipated shows in the OTT market. The makers have kept fans eagerly waiting for the announcement of the show’s release date. With consecutive teasers showcasing the lead actors, anticipation for the show is steadily escalating. Prime Video has been innovating new promotional strategies for its upcoming shows, and for the third season of Mirzapur, the platform announced the release date in a unique manner.

Prime Video shared a mysterious post on Instagram, featuring a whimsical caricature depicting the beloved characters from the series. Accompanying the image was a message that read, “Mirzapur S3 ki release date chuppi hai isme. Dhoond sakte ho toh dhoond lo!”

Shortly after, fans of the show inundated the comment section with their guesses. Many speculated that the release date could be June 21, while others suggested July 7 as a possibility. A user commented, “Release date is 21 June 7 People 7 Guns 7 Bullet caps 7×3=21 There is full moon and 21 june is full moon day you can check on google.” Another wrote, “7 carpets, 7 bullets, 7 guns, 7 people = 7 july”.

About Mirzapur

The highly anticipated premiere of ‘Mirzapur’ occurred on November 16, 2018, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from viewers. While audience reviews were generally favorable, critical reception was more varied. Pankaj Tripathi’s standout performance, in particular, was widely lauded and played a significant role in the show’s success. Consequently, ‘Mirzapur’ swiftly rose to become one of India’s most-watched web series, trailing closely behind ‘Sacred Games’ in popularity.

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