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Criminal Justice 3 Trailer Out: Pankaj Tripathi Will Unveil The Adhura Sach

Pankaj Tripathi aka Madhav Mishra is coming back to uncurtain the truth and provide justice to the innocent in his style

Trailer out for the third season of ‘Criminal Justice’ headlined by Pankaj Tripathi. Fans were eagerly waiting for the series for a long time. In view of this desperation, the makers have now released the trailer of ‘Criminal Justice 3. The third season is titled Criminal Justice – Adhura Sach. The previous two seasons were highly appreciated by viewers and now they are served with the third chapter of the legal drama series.

Well-known Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi is ready to make a comeback once again as Madhav Mishra. He played a lawyer in the courtroom drama and his character as Madhav Mishra is loved by the audience. Criminal Justice 3 trailer grabbed the eyeballs and people are again hoping for Madhav to win the case. 

Disney Plus Hotstar released the trailer on its Youtube channel and social media. It was also shared by the actors on their Instagram handles. The trailer begins with a woman named Avantika, who wants Madhav Mishra to fight the case of her son Mukul. Mukul is accused of killing his own child artist sister. Not only this, from fingerprints to the weapon used in the murder, all the evidence is against Mukul, but still, he claims to be innocent.

In this chapter, the case is different and tricky holding the audience glued to the screen to know how Pankaj will fight. Now how Madhav Mishra combats this case, will be known only after the release of the new season. Pankaj Tripathi will be seen taking the curtain from the incomplete truth by becoming a lawyer. Madhav Mishra is again coming back to rule the hearts of the audience with his different style. In the series, Pankaj Madhav Mishra was seen searching for his intelligence, strategies, and truth.

Directed by Rohan Sippy, Criminal Justice: Adhura Sach will be streamed on Disney Plus Hotstar. At the same time, in this season of the series, Shweta Basu Prasad will be seen fighting the case against Pankaj Tripathi aka Madhav Mishra in the role of Lekha. Fans have become very excited ever since this trailer came out. The legal drama crime series will stream from 26th August on Disney+ Hotstar. 

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