Bigg Boss OTT 3: Shocking! Armaan Malik SLAPS Vishal Pandey, Here’s Why

In a shocking turn of events, during the weekend ka vaar episode Armaan Malik 'slapped' Vishal Pandey for distasteful comment on wife Kritika.

BiggBossOTT3: YouTuber Armaan Malik, a prominent figure on Bigg Boss OTT 3, has once again become the center of social media buzz following the latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode. The controversy erupted after Armaan’s first wife, Payal Malik, made a significant revelation about influencer Vishal Pandey.

In response, Armaan slapped Vishal, accusing him of breaching a critical clause in the Bigg Boss contract. While Vishal’s supporters have criticized Armaan for his actions, the housemates sided with him, expressing their agreement when host Anil Kapoor sought their opinions on the incident.

Why Armaan Malik Slapped Vishal Pandey?

During this weekend’s episode, Payal Malik joined as a guest and dropped a bombshell about Vishal Pandey. She revealed a secret conversation between Vishal and Love Kataria, where Vishal admitted to feeling guilty about his attraction to Kritika. Additionally, another video showed Vishal watching Kritika as she worked out and remarking while pointing at Armaan, “Bhai Bhagyashaali.”

Payal Malik confronted Vishal Pandey about his ‘guilty’ remark, sparking Armaan Malik’s anger. This led to Armaan slapping Vishal, who then had a violent breakdown. Bigg Boss consulted Ranvir Shorey, Deepak Chaurasia, and Lovekesh in the confession room, while Anil Kapoor asked the housemates for their opinions. Most agreed that Armaan’s actions were justified.

Armaan Malik Nominated For Whole Season

Although Anil Kapoor agreed with the housemates, he condemned the contract violation and announced that Armaan would be nominated for the entire season.

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