Bigg Boss OTT 3: Kritika Malik Removes ‘Lice’ From Shivani Kumari’s Hair, Internet REACTS!

A video of Kritika Malik removing lice from Shivani Kumari's hair is now going viral on internet, with viewers raising concern about hygiene.

BiggBossOTT3: A recent promo of Bigg Boss OTT 3 is circulating online for an upcoming episode that highlights housemates dealing with significant hygiene concerns involving YouTuber Shivani Kumari. Extended footage also captures Kritika Malik assisting Shivani by combing lice from her hair.

During an incident at the Bigg Boss house, Kritika Malik was called by Bigg Boss and given several shampoo bottles to assist Shivani Kumar in treating lice in her hair. Bigg Boss also instructed Kritika to distribute the shampoo to Shivani and notify the other contestants to be vigilant about the situation.

Upon leaving the confession room, Shivani relayed Bigg Boss’s message to the rest of the housemates. While some contestants didn’t pay much attention, Munisha Khatwani appeared visibly concerned and surprised by the development.

Additionally, a video surfaced online showing Kritika combing Shivani’s hair to address the lice issue. Munisha voiced significant concerns about Shivani’s hygiene problems, expressing her dissatisfaction over misinformation and stressing the importance of cleanliness. When other housemates reacted strongly to Munisha’s remarks, Vishal intervened, advising her against escalating the matter further. Watch video.

Netizens React

Netizens bashed Shivani Kumari for not telling the housemates that she had lice. A user wrote, “Shivani has no shame yar she has lice at least she tell others so that they will not get it ….and do the treatment fast”, one wrote, “Unhygenic seriously”. Relating Shivani with ex-contestant Dhinchak Puja another user wrote, “Dhinchak pooja k baad ab shivani k jooyein”.

Meanwhile, many netizens praised Kritika Malik for helping Shivani in removing lice from her hair. A user commented, “Jo log kritika ko bhala bura bolte hai, iss samay mein bhi jab sab shivani se dur bhaag rhe hai she is the only one helping her!! People need to change their perspective and take inspiration from Kritika’s helpful behavior. Maana ki hogyi usse oce in a lifetime ki galti but we shouldn’t judge her from that! She is a nice human being overall!”

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