Bigg Boss OTT 3: Devoleena Slams Armaan Malik And His Two Wives, ‘It’s Filth’

Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Karan Kundrra slammed Bigg Boss OTT 3 contestant Armaan Malik and his two wives, Payal and Kritika.

Bigg Boss OTT 3, hosted by Anil Kapoor, has stirred up controversy, particularly around contestants Armaan Malik and his two wives, Payal and Kritika. Fans have criticized the YouTube content creators for promoting a negative message, and Armaan’s public image is taking a hit with various emerging narratives. Amidst the backlash, ex-Bigg Boss contestant Devoleena Bhattacharjee condemned the show on X (formerly Twitter), accusing the makers of promoting multiple marriages and sending the wrong message to viewers.

Devoleena wrote, “Do you think this is entertainment? This is not entertainment, it’s filth. Don’t make the mistake of taking this lightly because it’s not just a reel, it’s real. I mean, I can’t even understand how anyone can call this shamelessness entertainment ? I feel disgusted just hearing about it. Gross. I mean, in just 6/7 days love happened, marriage happened, and then the same thing with the wife’s best friend. This is beyond my imagination.”

She added, “And Bigg Boss, what has happened to you? Kya itne bure din chal rahe hai apke that you find polygamy entertaining? What were you thinking when you introduced such contestants? This show is watched by people from children to the elderly. What do you want to teach the new generation? That they can have 2-3-4 marriages? Everyone can live happily together? Go and ask those who suffer from such incidents every day, living their lives in misery.”

“This is why the Special Marriage Act and UCC (Uniform Civil Code) should be mandatory. So that the law is the same for everyone and society can be free from such filth. A second wife while having a first wife. Imagine if in the name of equality, wives started having 2-2 husbands, would you still be entertained?”, she further added.

“And I don’t understand who their followers are. And for what reason do they follow them? Is your mind in the right place or not please get it treated first. If you find this shamelessness right then your life is a waste. You can’t think beyond it nor can you do anything about it. What do you want to teach the new generation, that they should have multiple marriages? Gross. The thought itself is so cringe. And if it’s so necessary to have 2-3 marriages then do it and stay at home. Don’t spread this filthy mindset to the world. As a society, we are only heading towards destruction. Truly people have gone mad. And Bigg Boss, I don’t know what has happened to you.”, Devoleena concluded.

Apart from Devoleena, actor Karan Kundrra also shared his reaction to Armaan Malik bringing his 2 wives in the show. In a video, Karan said, “People here are not able to handle even one and you have brought two, that too to the Bigg Boss house. Kalesh pro max hone wala hai, you wait for a few days.”

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