Anil Kapoor Reacts On Getting Trolled For Replacing Salman Khan In Bigg Boss OTT 3

Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor recently shared his reaction on getting trolled for replacing Salman Khan in Bigg Boss OTT 3.

Actor Anil Kapoor is poised to take over as the host of “Bigg Boss OTT 3,” replacing Salman Khan. The reality show on Colors TV, famously associated with Salman since its fourth season, will see Anil Kapoor stepping into this role. Having shared screen space with Salman in several movies, Anil Kapoor mentioned that Salman is enthusiastic about him hosting the forthcoming OTT season of this contentious reality series.

During a recent press conference Anil Kapoor opened up about replacing Salman in Bigg Boss OTT 3 and said, “He is irreplaceable and so am I. Everyone’s asking this question but it is very wrong. Nobody can replace Salman Khan. Similarly, nobody can replace Anil Kapoor. I spoke to him about it and he was excited that I’ve now taken over a non-fiction show.”

He added, “I wanted to do something different for a long time now. I’ve done many movies, judged shows but have never done anything like ‘Bigg Boss’, so I’m very excited for it,”

Anil Kapoor emphasized that using the term “replacement” is inaccurate in the entertainment industry, where actors may transition roles for various reasons. “Everyone has work, sometimes for some reason, one can’t do it or doesn’t have time to do it. Recently, I’ve been replaced. I don’t know the reason for getting replaced, but these things happen….Many people have replaced me, I’ve also replaced people. We are just doing a job, we should do it with a lot of sincerity and honesty,”

Talking about the trolls, Anil Kapoor said, “Do it . How does it matter? Trolling is a part of life now. It is a part of social media, you have to face it. I’ve worked with honesty and sincerity, and by the grace of God, most of the times it has been positive.

He added, “Sometimes, a few things didn’t work. Even when things don’t work, I still keep on doing different things. I’ve been here for 45 years and I must’ve done something right that I’m still here today”.

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