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Abhay Mahajan Shares His Favorite Scene From TVF Pitchers Season 2

Actor Abhay Mahajan, who plays the role of Saurabh Mandal in TVF Pitchers, revealed his favourite scene from Season 2.

TVF Pitchers Season 2 is coming out this week. The second season features Arunabh Kumar, Naveen Kasturia, Abhay Mahajan, Gopal Dutt and Ridhi Dogra. However, it is yet to be found out if Jitendra Kumar is still a part of the show or not.

Fans are super excited to watch the second season of their favourite show. Meanwhile, actor Abhay Mahajan, who plays Saurabh Mandal (one of the founders in Pitchers) has revealed his favourite moment from the upcoming season.

He said, “There’s a scene where we founders have a fight. It was very fun to do. I got a chance to abuse him (Naveen Kasturia). So, I could vent out my personal feelings in that scene. I improvised a lot when it came to abusing him.”

“The fight that we have is going to be one of the highlights of the show. I think that is my favorite moment,” he added.

TVF Pitchers Season 2 will premiere on ZEE5 on Dec 23, 2022.

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