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5 Shockingly Bold Web Series On Alt Balaji

Check out the list of top 5 bold web series to watch on Alt Balaji.

OTT platforms are prefered by the audience as they provide a wide range of content with a single click. People can enjoy thriller shows to light-hearted comedies in the comfort of their homes. The OTT platforms have also catered to the audience who enjoys watching bold content blended with a good storyline. Today, we have curated a special list of some bold web series on Alt Balaji that you can add to your watchlist.

Top 5 Bold Web Series On Alt Balaji:

  1. Dev DD

Dev DD is a modern spin-off to the classic Devdas franchise. This web series is about a young modern woman who is trying her best to break the concept of how Indian women are supposed to be. This web series has a decent dose of love, lust, alcohol and boldness. Currently, two seasons of Dev DD are available on Alt Balaji.

2. Bekaaboo

Bekaaboo is a thriller web series with solid erotic visuals that will definitely make the audience ‘Bekaaboo’ to binge-watch this show. The plot revolves around Kiyaan Roy whose bestselling erotica novel offers him a lavish life that seems like a dream. However, the darkest corners of his heart desire a different kind of satisfaction that comes with pain. Currently, the show has two seasons and it is one of the boldest shows on Alt Balaji.

3. Gandii Baat

Gandii Baat is the most popular bold web series on Alt Balaji. It currently has 6 seasons and with each season, the show gets bigger, bolder and shockingly erotic. It showcases the dark fantasies of people from rural India. This web series caters to an adult audience and is advisable for only the 18+ audience.

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4. Crimes and Confessions

Crimes & Confessions is an anthology series with truckloads of thrill and erotica. The episodes will keep you on the edge of your seat as the characters unravel their deepest and darkest confessions. This show is only made for adults.

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5. X.X.X Uncensored

ALT Balaji has taken the boldness to another level with their show titled ‘X.X.X. Uncensored’. It shows fascinating stories with several adult scenes. The show is made only for the 18+ audience looking for some erotic content.

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