Saturday, September 19, 2020

    Online Retail Brand Calls Out Ashika Bhatia For Violating Contract


    In the past, there have been many instances of prominent TikTokers falling into legal troubles due to various reasons. Now it has been reported that actor and TikTok star Ashika Bhatia has been called out by a fashion brand which claims, Ashika has been using their product but not giving then proper credits due to which they have to bear losses. An Instagram page which goes by the name Shopwithtrust, shared multiple posts, in which they have even shared a voice recording of the actor, they wrote, “So, I had Collaborated with Aashika Bhatia for 7 products which involved more than 15K of investment which is a very big thing for a page like mine who cannot afford a loss at such a stage. Even after being in touch with her by texting her regularly, I got no replies from her after she got the products she never replied. So I contacted her mother Minu Bhatia via WhatsApp but she kept on delaying it and saying tomorrow, the day after, not now, busy( giving me reasons).” The seller further wrote that Ashika’s mother said some products have been misplaced due to shifting, however, when they told her to at least post the rest, they still did not got a proper reply, instead, her mother blocked them. However, in the latest development, the issue has been resolved that too in than 24, sharing the good news, the retailers wrote, “I’ve received my amount , they’ve paid me back. I’m very much glad and thankful to each one of you ❤️ Without you’ll This was not possible thank you once again. And thank you to @_aashikabhatia_ and her team for reverting back understanding the depth of this issue and resolving it this soon.”

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