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North West Wishes Kim Kardashian’s Fans Happy New Year!

Kim Kardashian shared the sweetest videos of her and Kanye West’s daughter North especially wishing her friend Wendy a happy birthday saying, “Happy birthday, Wendy! Have a happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,” and captioned it, “Look how cute, I found this in my phone! North leaving bday messages to my friends!” followed by another video in which North spreads holiday cheer to Kim’s fans saying, “Hi everyone, have a Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year’s,” which Kim posted on her Instagram story with the caption, “Found this on my phone too that she made last week!

In the video little Northie looks all grown-up, wearing her hair in cute ponytails and a black pyjama set. As happy as North looks now, it wasn’t the case during the annual KarJenner Christmas Eve Party hosted by Kourtney Kardashian this year as the 6-year-old was down with the stomach flu and wasn’t seen at the bash after which mommy Kim explained on an Instagram post saying, “My poor baby North wasn’t feeling good on a Christmas Eve, she had the stomach flu. You can see she wasn’t feeling well, but she wanted to go to the party so badly.

Kim and Kanye, then played Santa and gifted North some of the best gifts one could ask for, Michael Jackson’s original sequined jacket and the hat he wore in the Smooth Criminal video!

It seems like North did have a “Happy Christmas” after all!

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