No Intimate Scenes In Bollywood Movies Post Coronavirus?

Everyone in the world now knows that the novel coronavirus infection is very contagious can easily spread from one person to another. There are many guidelines issued in the interest to combat the spread of the virus which advises people not to touch their face, eyes, or nose. Getting close to someone at such times of crisis has become an issue of health safety and many questions were raised if the pandemic will affect the intimate scenes shot in movies.

The question was raised by Shoojit Sircar who had certain doubts about how the intimate scenes will be shot in the upcoming Bollywood movies once the pandemic subsides. Answering his concern, a major director whose heroine-oriented film is underway told that not intimate scenes will be shot post the pandemic at least in his films. He also added that they will be shooting the film with their protective gear of masks and gloves. The actors will have to take off these gloves and masks while they are giving their shot and put them on again once the shoot is over. He placed emphasis on practicing social distancing on the sets and also mentioned that all the cast and the crew will have to stay in their vanity vans until called for a shot.

This major director also added that he had planned a key intimate scene between his female lead and the newcomer who will be featuring opposite her.

Clarifying his above statement the major director said, “But now I am scrapping the lovemaking. We will have to revert to the days of showing flowers kissing  Or maybe we can achieve some kind of intimacy through computer graphics…I don’t know. Everything is uncertain at the moment. But yes, no intimacy.”

Well, surely many other Bollywood filmmakers will also have to think about shooting intimate scenes for the safety of their actors and others on the set post this pandemic subsides.