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“Tryst With Destiny” Review – A Quartet That Questions

Tryst With Destiny is a web series available on SonyLIV, directed by Prashant Nair and featuring Ashish Vidyarthi, Vineet Kumar, Jaideep Ahlawat, and Amit Sial among others.

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A quartet that questions

Even as India beats England on the sports field, and there’s wild cheering from TV watchers, four independent stories wonder, ‘How far have we come since Independence?’ Writer-director Prashant Nair gets his cast and a couple of peacocks to casually stroll in and out as he neatly ties up an anthology of colour, caste, greed, and gender. With hope and optimism always around the corner.

Here are the four in order of preference:

The Colour Of Money

A cut-throat industrialist may have it all. Except when it comes to the colour of his skin. Can his money buy him the colour he desires?

Practically a solo performance carried off credibly by actor Ashish Vidyarthi.

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Butchered By Caste

Vineet Kumar doesn’t utter a word but says it all as multi-level corruption and low-level caste inequalities spur him to find a way out of misery for the family he adores.


The wife wants a one-bedroom house. And great clothes. And a classy lifestyle. He’s a traffic cop who prefers an earthy rum and cola, can’t tell a single malt from a blend, can’t climb her social ladder but greed has no limits. It’s been seen before but Jaideep Ahlawat is the saving grace.

The Beast Within

It’s gender time when a female government official has to brave rain and revenge to bring back a man-eating tigress. Geetanjali Thapa just about manages to hold her own in the jungle of men.

Courtesy: SonyLIV YouTube Channel
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"Tryst With Destiny" Review - A Quartet That QuestionsA quartet that questions