Tuesday, September 22, 2020

    Mahhi Vij Called Out By Delhi Based Retail Brand, Actor Gives Befitting Reply


    Although Bigg Boss 13 is over, the controversy related to contestants or their friends doesn’t seem to over. TV star Mahhi Vij has been called out by an online retail brand for not returning some clothes. Reportedly, Mahhi had borrowed clothes for Shenaaz Gill, but when the show got over, Mahhi only sent few while others she claims has been misplaced. However the actor was ready to compensate for the loss but the brand which goes by the name Made For Her called out Mahhi on social media, the actor obviously did not like the behavior so she now shared a cryptic post about spreading positivity, she wrote, “When U try to pull someone down u r actually pulling urself down. spread positivity.” Many of the Mahhi’s followers and well wishes lashed out on-brand for handling the situation unprofessionally even though the actor had promised them to reimburse for the loss. The online retail store accused the actor of the same through an Instagram post and also claimed that Mahhi owes them Rs 25,000. But the Shubh Kadam actor was quick to retaliate in the post and took a jibe at the page stating that she was not wearing the outfits for free and that they were in a hurry to ‘create a scene’

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