Friday, September 18, 2020

    Late Actor Inder Kumar Was A Victim Of Nepotism, Wife Reveals Details


    The suicide of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has triggered a nation-wide debate. The debate on nepotism, power play and how the outsiders with no godfathers are treated in the industry. Several people from within the industry are opening up about the same. The recent highlight is late actor Inder Kumar who died at the age of 43 due to cardiac arrest in the year 2017. His wife Pallavi has shared that how Inder too was a victim of nepotism. She wrote on Instagram, “Just like Sushant Singh Rajput, my husband, late actor Inder Kumar achieved his fame on his own. He was at a peak in 90s. Before he passed away, I still remember, he went to two people big shots asking for work as help. Just for the records, he was already doing small projects. But he wanted to do big movies just like he started. He went to Mr. Karan Johar. I was there too. In front of me, all happened. He made us wait outside his van for two hours. Then his manager Garima comes and says Karan is busy. But we waited and when he came out he said, ‘Be in touch with Garima. At the moment there is no work for you.’ And Inder did that for next 15 days…the phone was picked up saying there is no work at the moment…after that Inder was blocked.” She further said, “The same behavior was given to Inder by none other than Mr. Shahrukh Khan. He met Inder and said he will call in a week. At the moment there is no work. This all happened on the sets of zero. Later, was even asked to keep in touch with his manager Pooja..she did the same what Garima did.” In the end, she asked that “why it is so difficult for these big shots to help talented people.”

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