Keanu Reeves and Actors Who Wished To Play Superhero

Keanu Reeves, aka John Wick, recently said it was a fantasy to play the character Wolverine in Hugh Jackman's X-Men. Adding to this here we have Keanu Reeves and other actors who wished to play a superhero.

Keanu Reeves wished to play Superhero in the movie X- men!

Hollywood is making great business with superhero movies, the fanbase for superhero films is vast and Comic books have been a hot commodity these days.

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such major comic book blockbusters?

Many actors got the opportunity and saw both the pros and cons of being a part of the superhero film, be it our very own Iron man – RDJ or Wolverine’s Hugh Jackman.

However, there are some A-listers from Hollywood who wished to play the role of the superhero film but never got the opportunity.

From Keanu Reeves to Daniel Redcliffe here we have listed stars who wished to play the superhero

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves, who ruled the cine world for years with his iconic role as John Wick, recently spoke of a dream role he could not perform.

Andy Cohen asked Keanu during an appearance on SiriusXM host if there were any roles he would be traveling back in time to perform.

While talking about the role Keanu said he wished to play Superhero.

He said his dream part was to essay ‘Wolverine‘ on the big screen. “For me, I always wanted to play Wolverine.”

The music co-star of Keanu’s Bill & Ted Face, Alex Winter who was also added as the guest on the show said Keanu still had time to play his dream role.

Keanu immediately responded, “It is too late. It was filled really well. I’m all good with it now”.

Originally played by Hugh Jackman Wolverine is one of X-Men’s most influential and famous characters.

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Meanwhile, in the coming forth and fifth sequels, Keanu will reprise his iconic character of John Wick, to be shot back-to-back.

Well, Keanu Reeves isn’t the only one who wished to play a superhero or be a part of a superhero movie.

Check below there are few more famous stars waiting for officials from Marvel or the DC to approach them in the near future.

Tom Hanks

The two-time Oscar winner has already expressed an interest in adding to his remarkable and increasingly diverse resume a superhero movie.

But the comic book studio head honchos have so far refrained from giving him the chance to do so.

Considering his status as one of the most bankable and talented stars in Hollywood.

Mr. Nice Guy isn’t particularly interested in being the man who saves the day, or the guy on the sidelines barking out orders.

Instead, in an interview with Showbiz 411, Hanks pleaded: “Let me play the bad guy against Batman. I’ll do anything, call me.

He added, “They’ve never asked. God, I want to throw a shield at somebody. And I don’t want to play the guy in the suit who tells the superheroes what’s going on. I want to get in there.”

Kristen Stewart

Vampire diaries fame Kristen is also in the league, she confirmed herself with Yahoo Movies that she wouldn’t be averse to joining the Marvel Universe, and one of its franchises in particular.

Talking about the same she said, “I love watching those movies. I would love to show people that I can do more than just be Kristen Stewart in a different movie, in a different circumstance.”

She added, “I’m sure I could get on board with Captain America, you know what I mean? It would just have to be the right thing.”

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt also proved that she can play the action hero when she teamed up with Kidman’s ex-husband Tom Cruise in the highly underrated Edge of Tomorrow.

 Also, the British actress has discussed her desire to repeat the feat in a superhero movie several times.

Speaking of the same she told New York Magazine, she would like to star in one that would “scare the bejesus out of her.”

Also mentioning to Vulture that she was extremely flattered to be linked with the role of Captain Marvel in the 2018 first female-led Marvel movie.

But when she got the offer to play the Black Widow in “Iron Man 2” she passed on because of timing conflicted with something else.

Daniel Redcliffe 

After playing Harry Potter in movies based on J.K. Rowling’s bestsellers, actor Daniel Radcliffe is keen to play his favorite comic book character from The Flash.

The actor says he would love to don the red and yellow lycra suit sported by the superhero in The Flash. He feels a movie like that could rival The Avengers.

Meanwhile for the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans here’s an update about the upcoming movie The Batman. Matt Reeves unveiled the film’s first look at the DC Fandome.

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