Sunday, September 20, 2020

    Katy Perry Opens Up About Her Preparations For The Arrival Of Baby Girl


    “Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are ready for their daughter to become hands-on parents. Katy Perry has revealed in a recent interview on Smallzy’s talk show Celebrity Small Talk how she and Bloom are gearing up for the arrival of their first child. She also revealed in the interview, if she and Bloom have already installed a baby seat. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are among the influential couples on Hollywood’s A-list. Back in March, the two entertainment industry moguls made headlines when they formally announced they were expecting their first child together. Now Katy Perry has revealed in a recent interview how she and Bloom are preparing for the birth of their baby girl. When talking to Smallzy on his show Celebrity Small Talk, she was asked by the host if they had already upgraded their cars to a minivan, as it is the number one mother’s preference of ride. The Daisy singer replied with a clear no,but then she said they have a hybrid SUV. But the pop star did  mention that they do have a extra seat in their garage for this installment.   Also, Katy Perry added that all the preparations are happening little by little.”

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