Katy Perry Is Fearless About Labour Pain And All Set To Arrive At The Hospital Anytime Soon Says “The Pain Will Pass, It’s Temporary”

Welcoming motherhood is truly a blessing and Katy Perry celebrates her pregnancy in all her glory. The Roar singer isn't at all concerned about the physical suffering that involves pregnancy for a first-time mother to be.

Katy is currently 9 months pregnant and is expecting to give birth to a baby girl any day now. The star, 35, keeps herself away from all the negative energies surrounding childbirth.

Katy Perry shared frankly about childbirth according to sources and said, “The pain will pass. It’s temporary.”  Katy told the publication that for the past 10 years she never felt the nagging desire to become a mother because she has just been too focused on her career.

Katy even though having everything achieving many milestones still, was not feeling full and was at a place where she wanted something more expansive. Now the singer is in a very happy space to be with her fiance, actor Orlando Bloom.

The Daisies singer is excited but a little nervous about the baby’s birth, infact, she has already started packing her hospital bag as she enters labor. Katy said she’s “clutching the railing of the stairs harder,” even though she’s still able to relax on the beach and even make a few brief moments with her huge baby belly.

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Orlando being a daddio too can’t keep calm and is more than happy to welcome her. He told Jimmy Fallon recently in an interview that, “I’m so excited to be…to have a little daddy’s girl. I hope she’s gonna love me as much as I love her. That daddy girl thing and that love of your life feeling I think is right ’round there.”