Sunday, September 20, 2020

    Karan Patel Opens Up About His Views On Pay Cuts


    Karan Patel recently who made headlines when it was announced that he’ll play small screen’s one of the prominent baddie Mr. Bajaj, shares his opinion on pay cuts and how one should understand producers’ problems too. Ever since the lockdown was announced many TV shows were canceled or came into standstill which made many people suffer. However, in times of crisis when actors are not getting work or they are underpaid, Karan feels lucky enough to get a role in one of the top shows. Karan who remained outspoken about his views on various topics, one should understand producers problem too, “Luckily, I have never had any bad experience with any producers, not as I have worked with a lot of producers but Ekta, Balaji I have worked with for the longest time and I can vouch for it that they are possibly the best paymasters in the industry. Apart from them, there are so many good producers like Rajan Shahi Sir, Shashi Sumeet Sir. There are good paymasters but sometimes the payment perhaps takes a little longer time.” He further adds, “But, right now the producers are also going through a little rough time. As an actor, if we can be a little more understanding of the producer, I think yeh mamla thoda easily solve hoga.” Although shows have started shooting amid pandemic, it is known that the broadcasters have asked the production houses to take a cut which in turn reflects in pay cuts for the artists as well.

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