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Kangana Ranaut REACTS After BMC Raids Her Office

Kangana Ranaut reacts after BMC raids her office in Mumbai. She also claims that they have threaten to demolish it due to her ongoing rift with Maharashtra Government.

Kangana Ranaut is undoubtedly the most controversial actor of Bollywood. She is bold and fearless who never thinks twice before raising her voice against things she feels wrong. And this time, she is face-off with the entire government of Maharashtra. It began when Kangana expressed that she has lost faith in Mumbai Police. She went on to compare Mumbai with Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Her comments didn’t go well with Shiv Sena whose members advised her not to ever come back to Maharashtra. Kangana claims that she has also been threatened for harassment if she goes to Maharashtra.

And seems like, Shiv Sena has already come into action as BMC raided Kangana’s office in Mumbai.

BMC raids Kangana Ranaut’s office:

Kangana wrote on Twitter, “They have forcefully taken over my office measuring everything, also harassing my neighbors when they retorted BMC officials used language like , Vo jo madam hai, uski kartoot ka parinaam sabko bharna hoga. I am informed tomorrow they are demolishing my property.”

She further wrote, “I have all the papers, BMC permissions nothing has been done illegal in my property, BMC should send a structure plan to show the illegal construction with a notice, today they raided my place and without any notice tomorrow they demolishing entire structure.”

The office of Kangana is a dream come true for her. From being a nobody to being called the Queen of Bollywood, Kangana has come a long way. Seeing her dream office being taken over, Kangana also wrote, “Movie Mafia today you might break my face and my house using your powerful friends, it will give you momentary happiness but if you are clever you will know my end is my beginning, you will end me here I will rise somewhere else … trust me it will hurt you even more.”

Despite all the threats by Maharashtra government, Kangana has announced that she will be visiting Mumbai on 9th September. Due to the threats, the centre has given her ‘Y’ level security.

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