Sunday, September 27, 2020

    Kangana Ranaut Makes Huge Statement In Sushant Singh Rajput Case


    Actress Kangana Ranaut has been quite vocal in Sushant Singh Rajput death case right from the beginning. And now, she has made some huge statements again. She had earlier talked about the pressure and rejection he was facing from Bollywood and the media. She had also bashed journalists for writing blind items about him that had no truth to it. And now, Kangana has said that she will return her Padma Shri award if she is unable to prove the claims she has made. While talking to a news channel, she said, “They (Mumbai Police) summoned me, and I asked them too, that I’m in Manali, that you can send somebody to take my statement, but I have not received anything after that. I am telling you, if I have said anything, which I can’t testify, which I can’t prove, and which is not in public domain, I will return my Padma Shri.” She further said, “Tomorrow, needy outsiders like Taapsee Pannu, Swara Bhasker will get up and say that they love this industry. I am only saying if you love this industry and if you love Karan Johar, then why are you not getting work like Alia or Ananya? Their whole existence is proof of nepotism. There will be articles that will make me look like a mad person after this, I know.”

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