Justin Timberlake And Wife Jessica Biel Have Welcomed Their Second Child Secretly?

Jessica Biel is another again as she gave birth to her second son earlier this week with husband Justin Timberlake, according to a Daily Mail report.

According to a Daily Mail report, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake welcomed their second child earlier this week.

According to the Daily Mail, Biel and Timberlake, who have been married since 2012, now have two sons: Silas, who is 5, and their newborn baby, whose name has yet to be declared.

The report by the Daily Mail suggests that Biel has kept her pregnancy out of the public eye — citing the fact that since March, neither she nor Timberlake has posted any public pictures showing her body from the waist down.

On March 25, Timberlake posted what appears to be the last public photo of the pair, in which Biel is seen from afar.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Biel shared a selfie with Timberlake and Silas, writing: “These two people make being a momma the greatest job in the whole world! The moments spent with you both are truly the most precious and funniest and glorious times of my life. I love you both so much.”

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The couple left for their home in Montana from Los Angeles, and have been living there since at least April, Timberlake told SiriusXM earlier.

Timberlake received criticism for commenting on how he and Biel was parenting to stay at home in the wake of quarantine orders.

In his interview with SiriusXM, Timberlake said he and Biel were “commiserating over the fact that just 24-hour parenting is just not human.”

The statement from Timberlake, which may have been a joke, has not been well received, with some critics finding it tone-deaf.

Well, representatives for Timberlake did not respond immediately to a request for comment from Insider.