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Zendaya Wants To Make A Film On ‘Simple Love Story About Two Black Girls’

Zendaya wants to make a romance film that depicts a 'simple love story about two Black girls' that isn't about trauma or hardship.

Zendaya wants to make a new kind of big-screen love story. Talking with her Euphoria costar Colman Domingo for Interview Magazine, the Spider-Man: No Way Home actress explained the sorts of flicks she wants to make in the future.

However, on asking about the future of her career and whether she is planning to expand as a director, Zendaya responded, “All of that. I don’t necessarily have a plan. I’ve never really thought, ‘I have to do this by this time and I want to do this by that time.’ I just want to do the things that make me happy and bring me joy and fulfill me as an artist, as a person,” said the Emmy winner.

Zendaya explains, “So, I keep that loose, because if one day it turns into a completely different career path, then I would allow myself to do that. The idea of trying to direct in the future excites me. That’s why I’m on set so much. When I’m not in it, I’m right there trying to learn.” Dune star continues, “I go around and I ask our crew members, ‘What are you doing today? Can you explain it to me?’ Because we’ve got some real vets in the game. So the hope is that I’ll be able to, one day, make the things that I want to see.”

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Meanwhile, an example that came to mind for Zendaya is “a simple love story about two Black girls” that isn’t about trauma or hardship. “I don’t want it to be rooted in anything other than just a story about two people falling in love and that’s it. Something simple and beautiful that leaves you happy and wanting to fall in love yourself,” the Dune star explained.

Spider-Man actress went on saying in the interview, “Our existence is broad and expansive and beautiful, and to see all the different emotional colors of what it means to be a young Black girl. I would like to see that because I don’t think I’ve seen many depictions of it.” However, Zendaya told British Vogue earlier this year, “If I ever do become a filmmaker, I know that the leads of my films will always be Black women.”

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