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Zac Efron Reveals Whether He Is Up For ‘High School Musical’ Reunion

It’s been fourteen years since the final “High School Musical’ film and after all these years, Zac Efron has confirmed that he would play Troy Bolton again if there’s a reboot.

In an interview with E! News, Zac Efron confirmed that there is a possibility of him returning as Troy Bolton, the character he plays in ‘High School Musical’ if there’s ever a reunion. He told the outlet, “Of course, I mean to have an opportunity in any form to go back and work with that team would be so amazing.” Zac added, “My heart is still there. That would be incredible. I hope it happens.”

On the contrary, Zac once told Men’s Journal that he resents his participation in ‘High School Musical’ and that it was not at all what he wanted to do but it looks like he has changed his mind!

The first ‘High School Musical’ movie aired on Disney in 2006 and then there was a sequel in 2007. The sequel was followed by a third film, ‘High School Musical 3: Senior Year,’ that was released in 2008. 

Zac’s big break was the first HSM movie in 2006 and since then, he and his fellow cast members, Vanessa Hudgens, Lucas Grabeel, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Blue ad Monique Coleman have gained a lot of fame in the Hollywood industry. After the final film in2008, Disney created a spin off series that stars Olivia Rodrigo.

Zac dated Vanessa Hudgens in real life but the couple broke up in 2010. So that would mean that if there’s a reunion, Zac would have to reunite with his ex which gives fans an idea that there probably won’t be a reunion. 

However, there was a virtual reunion in April 2020 during the pandemic where Zac did join all his co-stars including Vanessa, as well as director Kenny Ortega. The virtual meet went pretty smooth and Zac also introduced everyone but did not sing “We’re All In This Together” with everyone because of poor Wi-Fi, host Ryan Seacrest said. 

Zac has starred in a wide genre of films ever since his HSM days have come to an end. He has participated in epics like ‘The Greatest Snowman’, thrillers like ‘Extremely Wicked’, comedies like ‘Neighbours’ and hits like ‘Baywatch.’

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